Executive Team Building

We customize every program

to meet the culture, needs, and performance of our clients.


A majority of the CEOs that we work with initially believe their management teams are functioning better than they really are. High performing teams produce consistently positive results, but what does "high performance team" really look like?

Based on decades of experience with teams at all levels, and leveraging the best organizational research, Paradyne helps management teams develop the commitments, behaviors and practices to become a truly high performance team.

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Leader-Team Integration Meetings

These meetings provide an opportunity for leaders who are new to their team to accelerate the time it takes to begin working productively together.

Preferences, backgrounds, and work styles are shared, and the processes for decision making, delegation, and accountablity are quickly committed to by all.


Leadership retreats allow teams to examine not only WHAT they do (develop strategy, make decisions, delegate, eecute); but HOW they do it (with what level of transparency, reliance, accountablity, collaboration, and trust)?

Paradyne helps teams have fun together, break down long-standing barriers, and develop powerful new levels of camaraderie and performance.

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