ONA is a scientific way to measure the invisible lines of communication, collaboration, problem solving, decision making, knowledge sharing, or partnering with a group.
Have you ever wished that you could see how work was actually getting done and by whom? Who's really connecting with the client or partner, and who's just showing up? Who is the unsung hero, the knowledge broker, and the disengaged outlier?

Research shows a direct correlation between effective communication and profit!

Objectives/uses for ONA:

For Teams
  • Assessing how a group shares information & knowledge
  • Visualizing collaboration and problem-solving
  • Enhancing how a partnership or alliance is working
  • Improving decision making in top leadership networks
  • Identifying high-potential employees
  • For Individuals
  • Training and personal development
  • What types of teams will benefit from ONA:
  • Joint Venture project teams, pursuit teams, management teams, functional teams (Safety, Quality, Design, etc.), and strategy-making leadership groups
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