Research tells us that a stunning 90% of change initiatives never realize their goals and 50% flat out fail!

Using our battle-tested nine step process, Paradyne helps leaders and their teams navigate and overcome the natural human resistance to change and realize the benefits the change is intended to produce, which is almost always some combination of greater productivity, quality, client delight, employee engagement, and profitabilitiy.

We do this by helping you reach the "human goal" of every change initiative: enthusiastic adoption.

In the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world of business, change is constant.

Whether the change is related to a merger or re-structuring, introduction of a new technology, or a new way to perform a critical business function, when organizations go through change without a plan they always have a hard time getting employees to accept the new ideas they want to implement.

Change creates fear of the unknown, and people naturally resist it. This resistance will surface many different ways, from secretly continuing to do things the old way to foot dragging, to malicious compliance, to our favorite: "smiling sabotage".