Strategic Planning

Strategic planning takes a holistic look at a company's vision and aspirations, while testing and refining corporate objectives.

We customize every program

to meet the culture, needs, and performance of our clients.

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Done well, strategic planning provides a self-correcting road map with quarterly milestones to achieve new levels of performance and improve the bottom line. It helps companies decide where to focus, where to compete, and how to allocate resources. Most importantly, it gets the management team committed and accountable to the same goals and strategies.

Strategic planning serves as a starting point for related work such as operational planning, product strategy, talent needs analysis, and M & A. Our approach is top-down & bottom-up, incorporating input from departments and disciplines, flowing corporate initiatives back down, and creating top-to-bottom accountability throughout.

A Strategic Plan provides a clear vision of the future, guidance for policies and programs, a roadmap for execution, accountability to managers, inspiration to staff, and direction for how each person should approach their work.

"If Jon and Dorriah do for your company half of what they did for ours, that would be a start."

- Division President, $1.5B Canadian Corporation