Structured Collaborative Partnering

Partnering Statement of Qualifications

We ensure that alliances are structured correctly from the outset with a clear, shared vision and a solid understanding of mutual dependencies, goals, and economics. Partners make firm commitments to each other, agreeing on how decisions will be made, problems solved, and issues elevated. It’s not touchy-feely stuff, it's focused on goals, issues, and decisions and is lively and interactive, and fun.

We use innovative tools to help executive and project teams visualize issues and how communication is flowing Jon Swartzentruber, partnering practice leader, has led successful partnering efforts across North America with most of the Top 30 contractors, and owner/clients as diverse as the US Navy, the Army Corps, and Major League Soccer.

What does Success look like? We help project teams identify their success factors and then track against them regularly. Both Project Goals (what are the most important things we’re trying to achieve) and Partnership Goals (how are we going to communicate, make decisions, and solve problems?)

We tackle the tough stuff and balance the power in the room so that the quieter voices are heard and no one dominates the discussion. It’s lively and hard-hitting. Every issue ends up with an action plan to address it.

What Our Clients Say About: Project Partnering

To whom it may concern:

It has been my great pleaseure to work with Jon Swartzentruber for the past few years in my role as president of the Oil, Gas & Chemicals (OGC) engineering business unit. I called upon Jon on multiple occastions for support with all of my organizational effectiveness (O.E.) needs. From concept to completion, Jon provided outstanding support and was always on point with his state-of-the-art tools and techniques for improving organizational effectiveness.

President, $3B Houston-based OG&C Engineering Firm

During my time as Project Director at the $1B Claude "Bud" Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant (2013-2016), Jon facilitated the quarterly 2-year partnering process, which was instrumental in keeping the entire project team aligned and working well together through many difficult issues. Involved were both senior executives and the project team from Poseidon, Keiwit/JF Shear, the San Diego County Water Authority, and various government agencies and design firms. As a result, the project was recognized by the Design Build Industry Association (DBIA) as its 2015 Project of the Year.

Vice President and Project Director, Top 5 ENR Contractor

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