Productivity & Process Improvement

Decide to Profit: 9 Steps to a Better Bottom Line

Built on Dr. Rogers’ new book Decide to Profit: 9 Steps to a Better Bottom Line, we can show your company how to connect all of the ideas and decisions that impact the financial goals of your company. Employees will have a clear system that links decisions to the financial performance of their organization, and managers will have a ready tool to shape their organizational culture and business outcomes. With this system, both leaders and employees can adapt and change through external transformations in the marketplace and increasingly tough competition, and ultimately, maintain net profit.

Following each of the 9 Steps will enable you to avoid common decision-making mistakes. We provide checklists and tools to foster a creative and idea-driven culture within your organization, and, ultimately, easy to understand and implement guidelines to ensure a financially sound future. We will help you through each of the 9 steps – its application, checklists, critical questions to ask, and easy-to-use forms for managers and employees. Embedded within each step are checks and balances and a process for accountability so that managers and employees can remain in sync in both their thinking and actions.

Process Review:

If desired, Paradyne has the expertise to evaluate any business process for improvement opportunities. Our process improvement specialists will analyze your company process and provide an evaluation of the key areas of constraint that are holding back your profitability. We will work with your subject matter experts to effectively develop current- and target-state maps. Our hands-on approach allows us to learn your processes so that we can recommend changes to improve efficiencies.

Process Improvement:

Process Management is really about process improvement. Once processes have been mapped, Paradyne will utilize the appropriate tools to reduce errors, minimize defects, improve service, reduce wait times, and eliminate re-work. Process improvement applies to blue-collar industries (e.g. manufacturing) and white-collar industries (e.g. loan processing) alike. All organizations have processes. Maximize your return on investment when you use Paradyne’s process improvement experts to systematically integrate changes to your business processes that will dramatically improve throughput and cost. The targeted use of lean manufacturing techniques, TPS, six sigma, whole methods analysis, root cause analysis, time studies, process mapping, Kaizen, Theory of Constraints, fishbone diagrams, etc. will effectively reveal what needs to be changed and how best to change it.

Operations Manuals:

Once target state is achieved, we collaborate with your technical experts to develop and write operations manuals for technical and process consistency through any section of your business. The result is a thorough analysis and organized, logical presentation of the operations manual which may or may not include flow charts, electronic interfaces and any other customized format that is desired. The comprehensive operations manuals reflect the target-state flow charts, capturing the steps required to master an efficient process. Our operations manuals can also be converted into complete e-learning, with interactive flow charts, real-time linked documents and organizational best practices.


Paradyne has a unique approach to training. We customize your training needs to the culture and operational needs of your company. Paradyne will create customized programs to communicate new streamlined business processes to your employees. Unlike other firms that offer packaged superintendent, project manager and executive training, Paradyne offers completely custom courses, developed from interviews and discussions with your team so that your training reflects your culture, your processes and the best practices that maximize your company profit. We will work with your team to develop training metrics that can quantify an ROI for your training dollars.

Continuous Improvement:

Paradyne has a proven approach to achieve significant productivity improvement for any company and in any industry. Process improvement should be a continuous effort, though, and Paradyne will help you plan for continual analysis and focus on actionable plans to continuously improve your company’s productivity and profitability. We change organizational cultures to think differently, to always look for opportunities to improve profitability.