Management & Leadership Development

Management & Leadership Training

Over the past twenty years, Paradyne’s managing partners have helped thousands of managers develop the skills necessary to make the transition from individual performer to team leader, or from team leader to leader of an organization. Whether for senior executives or front line managers, our management and leadership training formula is the same:

  1. Deliver highly relevant and informative learning content in an interactive, fun, and engaging way
  2. Provide self-awareness through assessment, peer input, and personal discovery
  3. Try out the new skills while still in the learning environment
  4. Plan “deliberate practice” of the new skills in real world settings, with someone providing observation and feedback

Great managers and leaders are passionate about and confident in the work they do, and they inspire others to be as well. We do not take a one-size-fits all approach, and we will work with your company to provide a custom training experience.

Customized Talent Development

Paradyne helps companies align their development strategies with business needs, and then creates customized programs to meet those needs. For over twenty-five years, we have developed hundreds of customized development solutions for companies ranging in size from Fortune 100 to smaller specialty firms, whether it’s a single communication skills workshop or an entire Academy-based program.

We have partnered with internal talent development professionals at companies like Flatiron, Suffolk Construction, Montana Diversified Utilities, and Kiewit to design the company’s entire development curriculum. Combining our deep expertise in learning system design with their internal subject matter experts, we produce extraordinary development solutions that produce real results.

Proven results include 40% reductions in time–to– advance, 50% reductions in attrition, and improved project outcomes. By identifying a company’s business needs, we tailor development programs to meet those goals precisely.

What our clients say about: Sixth Factor Academy

Jon’s executive development program was initially attended by a pilot group of senior managers from two of our districts. When they came back, the program spread across the company like wildfire – over 40 executives and 500 High Potentials attended. Our leaders gained the business and leadership tools they needed to grow and manage the business.
SVP, Top 15 Contractor (ENR)

Simply stated, the program saved my career.
​Area Manager
Major US engineering firm

If Jon and Dorriah do for your company half of what they did for ours, that would be a start.
$1.5B Canadian Contractor

“Paradyne has definitively created a culture of continuous improvement at our company. Our managers who have been through the program are now more engaged and empowered to bring forward ideas and solutions that make the company better. We have sent everyone through the program from the CEO (me) down through our Project and Department Managers. It has very much changed our company for the better.”
​CEO, $2.3B US Specialty Subcontractor