Paradyne’s managing partners have developed and implemented end-to-end Talent Development solutions for Fortune 250 companies with over 10,000 employees, and at companies with fewer than 500 employees. By aligning development programs with organizational strategy, we insure that every ounce of effort directly connects to the organization’s performance outcomes. We can support your own internal Talent Development efforts with our expertise in Succession Planning, High Potential identification and development, Corporate Universities, Executive Coaching, and with Paradyne’s flagship Sixth Factor Academy.

Paradyne’s Sixth Factor Academy

Pouring through the data from their experience with hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders, Dr. Dorriah Rogers and Jon Swartzentruber have identified the Five Factors that predict success, and the one additional factor that has largely gone unrecognized: the Sixth Factor.

Paradyne’s Sixth Factor Academy gives leaders and their teams the tools necessary to produce sustainable, profitable results both on projects and within organizations. Once understood and implemented, the skills and methodologies from Paradyne’s Sixth Factor Academy ensure results once only imagined.

The Sixth Factor is Ohana – that magic that causes a team to come together and produce wildly successful results. It is a high octane mix of shared work ethic and behaviors, comradeship, transparency, reliance, challenge, and trust; when you know that no matter the challenges, your team has your back and that awesomeness is inevitable.
The Paradyne Sixth Factor Academy is delivered two different ways:

  1. Multi-company: a three-day, multi-company, Paradyne-hosted Academy. (Separate Academy sessions serve Senior Leader and Rising Leader cohorts.)
  2. Custom In-house: Paradyne will customize the program specifically for your company, based on your own timing and needs

Management & Leadership Training

Over the past twenty years, Paradyne’s managing partners have helped thousands of managers develop the skills necessary to make the transition from individual performer to team leader, or from team leader to leader of an organization. Whether for senior executives or front line managers, our management and leadership training formula is the same:image032

  1. Deliver highly relevant and informative learning content in an interactive, fun, and engaging way
  2. Provide self-awareness through assessment, peer input, and personal discovery
  3. Try out the new skills while still in the learning environment
  4. Plan “deliberate practice” of the new skills in real world settings, with someone providing observation and feedback

Great managers and leaders are passionate about and confident in the work they do, and they inspire others to be as well. We do not take a one-size-fits all approach, and we will work with your company to provide a custom training experience.

Succession Planning

Executive Succession Planning
Do you advance senior managers based on “who’s next in line”, or based on a clear-eyed, scientific assessment of the requirements of the role and the potential of the candidate to meet them? Our managing partners have experience designing executive succession planning processes for companies of all sizes, and will bring their experience to your organization.

Organizational Succession Planning
How many Superintendents will you need in five years? How about Project Managers? Have you considered how many of the incumbents will still be in position, how many will have left, and how many will have moved up? What growth assumptions have you factored in?

What about Senior Design Managers, Proposal Specialists, and Regional Attorneys?

As tricky as all of this math is, the real challenge is accurately identifying those with the potential for advancement, accelerating their preparation for a larger role, and ensuring their success once in it. And then doing this simultaneously across all disciplines and levels in the organization.

From 2006-2017, Paradyne President Jon Swartzentruber did exactly that as Kiewit’s Vice President of Leadership Development, decreasing the time-to-advance to Project Manager by 40%, and helping Kiewit become the only construction or engineering company on Fortune/Aon Hewitt’s Top 25 Companies for Leaders list.

Let’s sit down and talk about your company’s own top to bottom succession planning needs and gaps.

Executive Coaching

Paradyne’s managing partners have extensive executive coaching experience, including fifteen straight years providing transition coaching for every new Vice President and District Manager at one of the largest contracting organizations in North America.
The goal of executive coaching is to increase effectiveness by generating positive, permanent changes in professional and leadership behavior, thinking, and habits. We work with CEOs, board members, and experienced executive or newly promoted managers to ensure success in the job at hand, or to prepare for a larger role.

image055Corporate Moneyball

Wouldn’t it be great to know – in advance – how well someone will perform in a future role you’re considering them for? But how can you predict the combination of skills, experience, behavioral competencies, personality characteristics, and cognitive abilities necessary to succeed in a particular role? And even if you could do that, how can you measure these things in a potential candidate?

Now you can. While some “job fit” assessments claim to do a small part of this, Paradyne’s psychometric/behavioral suite – nicknamed “Corporate Moneyball”, provides you with a sophisticated multi-factored “Ideal Profile” for any role in your company, such as Lead Foreman or Project Manager, along with a comparison of the suitability of candidates for that role. Corporate Moneyball ensures that you have all the tools necessary to add good validated science to your gut instincts.